Purchase via Internet

If you decide to buy a horse just via internet, the process is very quick and easy. We take some photos of the horse, incl. pictures of legs and hooves and prepare the videos of the horses.

All the horses and fully vetted and completely controlled before sale. The x-rays of the horses are sent to the potential buyer and must be checked by the buyer´s vet. We provide the basic set of 12 x-rays to the horses, if the customer requests more, these must be paid by the customer.

The documents that are provided to the buyer are sales contract and the invoice.

We recommend to our customers to insure the horse when purchased.

We are able to ship the horses almost worldwide. We cooperate with several shipping companies with many years experience in horse-world. You can visit the web site of Horse Servis International (www.horseservice.nl) who helps us to ship the horses to the North America. The shipping in the Europe, we do ourselves. We own the truck for 4 – 5 horses or we can use a trailer for 2 horses. Our aim is to organize such transport, that is the most advantageous for the buyer.

Fast contact

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E oldstaj@oldstaj.cz

T +420 725 745 018

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